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Get your skates on and join roller derby

Blue Mountains Roller Derby League is looking for Fresh Meat to join our womens flat track roller derby league. If you’re over 18 and ready to roll then contact now. We’re also looking for volunteers and officials, and guys we need refs too!

To join the League and start skating you will need a pair of quad skates (not blades), knee, elbow and wrist guards, a helmet and a mouth guard, skateboard pads or a bike helmet are fine. For more information regarding the gear contact or our local derby gear supplier Suzie at

fresh meat flyer no date 13-6-14

See below for more info too…

Is roller derby a real sport?
Absolutely! While the roller derby you might have watched in the 70’s was often rehearsed, the modern derby revival is definitely a full contact sport. Skaters are athletes that train hard and attend practices and scrimmages regularly. The bruises, blocks, hits, and falls that you see are all real.
How do you play roller derby?
Roller derby is a fast paced, action packed, full contact sport on quad skates. The sport takes place on an oval track (we play flat track). Each team sends on 5 players: 3 Blockers (defense), 1 Pivot (last line of defense) and 1 Jammer (Scorer). The jammers score a point every time they lap an opposing player. Each Jam lasts 2 mins. Team with the most points wins.
Am I too old, young, fat, tall, small?
No! The beauty of roller derby is that nearly all leagues accept all girls with open arms regardless of age, size, ability. Derby promotes positivity and acceptance of all body types and athletic abilities (or lack thereof!) The only requirement is you need to be over 18years old.
I haven’t been on roller skates since I was 10 years old can I still try out?
Most girls start out with this same concern – the majority of derby leagues have a fresh meat program to teach you roller skating basics all the way to advanced derby skating technique. If you are dedicated to practicing, you’ll be rolling along in no time!
Ok, scared! What is Fresh Meat!?
It’s just the name given for new skaters who have yet to pass their minimum skills!
What is this Minimum Skills malarkey you keep talking about!?
Minimum Skills are a test that sets out the minimum requirements of a skater before they are allowed to scrimmage (practice bouts, actually playing the game of roller derby). These skills are set out by WFTDA and BMRDL and allows the sport to be played as enjoyable and as safely as possible. The first test is called a “White Star” test.
How long will I be freshmeat?
The freshmeat program is a twelve week program that ends with the completion of the minimum skills test. After you pass this test you will be a white star.
When do I get to hit people?
The freshmeat program is non-contact. You will learn how to give and take hits when you start white star training after completing freshmeat. To play in scrimmage or join a team you need to be at a minimum of yellow star level which you get after completing the white star training.
Will I get hurt?
Maybe. Roller derby is an extreme full contact sport. You will absolutely fall and have bruises – it’s an unavoidable part of the game. Safety is a number one priority in this sport – you’ll be taught proper techniques for falling, blocking, and other manoeuvres to minimise the risk of injury. Roller girls also wear a multitude of pads & a helmet during all skating sessions. That being said, health insurance should be a consideration if you are serious about playing roller derby.
What kind of skates will I need? Can I skate with roller blades? What other equipment will I need?
Roller derby is historically a quad speed skate sport – most leagues will not allow inline skates. You are going to need a pair of skates, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and a mouth guard. We can recommend for your gear and advice.
I really want to be involved in my local roller derby league, but I don’t think skating is for me – can I still help out?
Nearly all leagues survive with the helping hands of volunteers! If you know how to skate, but don’t have the time to commit to a team – you can always volunteer to be a skating referee or official. And if you aren’t so comfortable on skates, get in touch with your local league anyway – you can never have enough volunteers helping out! During Bouts we’ll need your help for scoring, managing the sin bin or perhaps you’re a fantastic MC and fancy a go at being an announcer!?
When and where do you train?
We train every Sunday afternoon at the Katoomba Sports and Aquatic Centre from 5-7pm.
How do I get one of those cool roller derby names?
A derby names is a privilege, not a right, and can be earned through demonstrating commitment to the league, by consistent attendance at training and bouts, achieving white star level & supporting the running of the league off-skates (e.g. fund raising, publicity) and
paying the required dues and fees for a minimum of two months.
I’m interested, how do I join your Roller Derby League?
For more info and enrollment forms please contact Or come along to the  Katoomba Aquatic Centre on Sunday or Monday nights.
How much does it cost?
Every member pays an annual insurance fee of $100 before they can skate. Then, monthly fees of $35 are due on the first of each month.
What do you wear?
Comfortable work out type clothing that you can move easily in.
I’m a guy can I join?
We are unfortunately an all female roller derby team. However if you’re still interested in getting involved we’re always looking for refs and officials. (We can always do with more people to helps us out with publicity and fund raising too!) Refs will train with the
girls each week and learn everything they do! If you are interested in being a Ref or an NSO please email us at


What to do while I’m waiting to start?
Start skating! You can start at a skate ring or just practice on your own if you have your gear. Here are a few links.

Katoomba Aquatic Centre have a social skate on a Saturday afternoon. Contact them for times (Own skates needed).
Skatel in Emu Plains is the closest skate rink.
Rowlings Promotions Run roller discos every month or two at Katoomba Aquatic Centre. Skate hire is available. They also run lessons.
Rowelling Promotions on Facebook

Star Definitions


Fresh meat will take things back to the beginning and get you up and rolling. Each person will progress at their own rate. Fresh Meat will get you working on all the basic derby skills you need to advance to White star. This is a non to minimum incidental contact level of training.


White star is the level where the bulk of your Derby training begins. It is limited contact and you will continue to learn the skills you need to enter the next yellow level.


Yellow Star is a full contact level. Welcome to the rough life. You will be introduced to the more competitive side of Roller Derby. You will learn all aspects of full contact scrimmage and how to finally put it all together in scrimmage with the Orange star skaters. You will need to be fit and focused to develop through this level. You become eleigible for home team bouts at this level but if you want to bout other Leagues, get ready for Orange star graduation.


Orange star is for bout ready skaters. Only Orange star skaters are deemed ready for a full contact, competative bout in a home team. This training is even more gruelling and tough.


NSO rolls need to be filled on Scrimmage nights.  You will benifit from the experience. This is also a free session for off-skates participation. Some participation in NSO roles will be compolsory for skaters also (Fresh Meat).