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The October long weekend saw the annual Eastern Region Roller Derby Smackdown (ERRD) held at the Central Coast Youth Club in Niagara Park. This is the main event in the Roller Derby calendar for NSW/ACT Roller Derby Leagues. 16 Teams met in various knockout bouts over the 2 day tournament across 2 Divisions.
The Blue Mountains Roller Derby League (BMRDL) sent their representative team, the Free Sisters. They played 3 bouts over the weekend where they had 3 wins. The first bout was against Western Sydney Rollers where the Free Sisters won 236 to 144. BMRDL then played in the semi-final against Varsity Derby League B where they again won 220 to 137. The Free Sisters ended the tournament playing in the Grand Final against Outcast Derby Demons where they won 164 to 136. This means that the Blue Mountains Roller Derby Team ranked 1st from 8 leagues in the B Division. The atmosphere of the tournament was electric and the BMRDL skaters commented on how much they enjoyed the competition over the weekend.
BMRDL President Asylum Sam says that BMRDL are justifiably proud of the Free Sisters who have put so much of their own time into training for this tournament, “and we’d also like to acknowledge all the other members of the League that supported the Free Sisters and helped them achieve this fantastic outcome”.
The Free Sisters Captain, Roxy Tocin said, “The Sisters are a tough, committed and caring team! To finish ERRD with 1st place in our division was exciting and a well-deserved reward after all the hard work and training that we’ve been putting in, we can’t get the smiles off our faces.”

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